Our team: Extremely nerdy. A little quirky. A lot of fun.

who we are

We're a motley crew of science nerds united in the pursuit of understanding the inner workings and limits of human memory.  

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jeremy manning  |  lab director 

Jeremy is an Assistant Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Dartmouth and directs the Contextual Dynamics Lab. He enjoys thinking about brains, non-brain brain-related things (e.g. zombies), computers, annoying-to-solve puzzles, and cats.

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andy heusser  |  post-doc

Andy's dissertation work was on the role of neural oscillations in episodic memory. His post-doc work is focused on extracting ideas from basic learning and memory research to optimize learning in natural educational settings, like the classroom, and creating web-based tools for education.


gina notaro  | post-doc

Gina's PhD research (Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth) focused on low-cost bio-measurement systems and their potential use in non-traditional research environments. She is currently studying exercise-associated changes in cognitive performance. Outside the lab, Gina likes to hike, bake, and make bad puns.

lucy owen  |  grad student

Lucy is interested in the decision processes related to memory. Specifically, how past experiences influence current memory decisions, as well as the underlying neural mechanisms that support this process.


kirsten ziman  |  grad student

Kirsten’s research explores attention, memory, and consciousness. Current projects explore how attention modulates subjective experience and subsequent storage of information into memory. When not in the lab, Kirsten practices yoga, cooks vegetables, and scribbles in her dream journal.


emily whitaker  |  lab manager

Emily has a background in environmental physics and fluid dynamics. She is excited to learn more about how we can model neural networks using fluid dynamic principles. She can typically be found drinking coffee, hiking, and learning Python. 

bryan bollinger | undergrad

Bryan is a Neuroscience major of the class of 2019. He is interested in the field of medicine. He lives in Hawai'i and will probably never get tired of beaches and waterfalls. He is hoping to gain some practical insight into the world of research.

rachael chacko  | undergrad

Rachael is an undergraduate in the class of 2021 from central Pennsylvania who is planning to major in Neuroscience and Computer Science on the pre-medicine track. She is especially interested in learning more about computational modeling of brain patterns. In her free time, she likes to participate in Dartmouth Forte (a music service club), explore different genres of music, and spend time with friends.

campbell field  |  undergrad

Campbell is an undergraduate in the class of 2018 majoring in Psychology and Chinese. When she’s not in the lab, she enjoys swimming, baking, and skyping with her dog.

paxton fitzpatrick  |  undergrad

Paxton is a member of the undergraduate class of 2019 from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. He is a Neuroscience major who also enjoys music, food, crossword puzzles, and dogs.



armando ortiz  |  undergrad 

Armando is a theater major in the class of 2019. In the field of cognitive science, he is interested in learning more about the dynamics of consciousness and memory, and how the neurological processes within the brain are capable of creating art, humanity, and individual identity. Outside of the lab, he enjoys watching cartoons and hanging out with friends.

eodwyn for website-04.png

eowyn pak  |  undergrad 

Eowyn is an undergraduate (’21) research assistant and a prospective Psychology and Economics double major from the D.C. area. Outside of the lab you can find her listening to This American Life, socializing in Collis, or playing some kind of sport.

maddy lee  |  undergrad

Maddy is in the class of 2020, majoring in Neuroscience. When not busy napping, she helps on the lab’s Efficient Learning project.

stephen satterthwaite | undergrad

Stephen is an economics major in the class of 2018. He is interested in the combination of finance and computer science, and how these fields can benefit each other. Stephen is a member of the men's lacrosse team at Dartmouth, and enjoys spending time in the outdoors.


kristen soh  |  undergrad

Kristen is an undergraduate research assistant in the class of 2020. She is currently studying Economics and Psychology in hopes of better understanding behavioral economics. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, she is still adjusting to the Hanover winters. She is also a member of the Dartmouth Women’s Golf Team.


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Friends of the lab


Science is a collaborative beast— it takes a village to tame it! 

We are fortunate to have a wonderful team of collaborators and science superheroes to brainstorm with, help us notice when our ideas get a bit too crazy for the "lay scientist," and complain to when our code doesn't compile. Here are links to the fine upstanding citizens we've been hanging out with lately:

Neural Basis of Attention EPSCoR Team, Dartmouth College, Brown University, University of Nevada at Reno, and Montana State University (Collaborative team lead by Peter Tse and David Sheinberg)

Computational Memory Lab, University of Pennsylvania (Director: Mike Kahana)

Computational Memory Lab, Princeton University (Director: Ken Norman)

Machine Learning at Columbia, Columbia University (Director: Dave Blei)

Dartmouth Machine Learning Group, Dartmouth College (Director: Qiang Liu)

Memory Dynamics Lab, Bard College (Director: Justin Hulbert)

Computational Social Affective Neuroscience Lab, Dartmouth College (Director: Luke Chang)

van der Meer Lab, Dartmouth College (Director: Matt van der Meer)

Epilepsy and Cognition Lab, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (Director: Barbara Jobst)

Brainard Lab, University of Pennsylvania (Director: David Brainard)

Chameleon Studios (Director: Talia Manning)