We like sharing resources and helping everyone to do their best science.  

Check out the links below (or follow our GitHub repository) to enjoy our lab's handy software tools. We always like to hear about the cool new ways our tools are being applied, so feel free to send us a note about how they're contributing to your work!

python  |  javascript  |  matlab

Python Code

SuperEEG Toolbox. Infer whole-brain activity from a small(ish) number of ECoG electrodes. [GitHub]

Quail. Analyze and visualize free recall data. [GitHub]

HyperTools. Visualize and manipulate high-dimensional data. (Way better than the MATLAB version!) [GitHub]

BrainIAK Toolbox. Collaboration with the Princeton Neuroscience Institute and Intel Labs to implement a bunch of useful brain analysis tools, including Hierarchical Topographic Factor Analysis. [GitHub]


javascript code

autoFR.  A verbal free recall experiment that incorporates automatic speech-to-text processing, ready-to-run on Amazon Mechanical Turk.  [GitHub]



Matlab code

Hyperplot Tools. Plot and manipulate high-dimensional data. [MATLAB Central File Exchange]

MATLAB Ipsum. Generate filler text using MATLAB. [MATLAB Central File Exchange]

Easy resample. Simple interface for interpolating or resampling a 1D signal. [MATLAB Central File Exchange]

Chuck Close-ify. Automatically create artwork in Chuck Close’s iconic style based on existing photographs. [MATLAB Central File Exchange]

Plot fMRI images. Quick and easy method for generating 2D and 3D brain plots. [GitHub]

Generate synthetic fMRI data. Generate synthetic data for testing fMRI analyses and models. [MATLAB Central File Exchange]

Sane pColor. Create 2D images that don’t look blurry in OS X’s Preview PDF viewer. [MATLAB Central File Exchange]

Attach. MATLAB implementation of the attach function in R. [MATLAB Central File Exchange]

Get tight subplot handles. Allows user to exert finer control over subplot spacing in MATLAB. [MATLAB Central File Exchange]

Slices. Efficiently slice a tensor along the nth dimension. [MATLAB Central File Exchange]