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Quail and AutoFR toolboxes released, changing the future of free recall forever

We are thrilled to announce a double release of some awesome new science tools, targeted at memory enthusiasts and researchers.  The Quail toolbox is aimed at analyzing and visualizing data from memory experiments.  The AutoFR toolbox provides a framework for developing list learning experiments on Amazon Mechanical Turk that automatically transcribe spoken recalls into text.

We've also published papers on these toolboxes: [QUAIL PAPER] [AUTOFR PAPER]

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The CDL has a new lab manager!

We are excited to announce our awesome new lab manager: Emily Whitaker!  Hailing from New Jersey, Emily has elected to leave the comforts of suburban life behind in favor of an exciting life in the wilderness of Hanover, New Hampshire.  Welcome to the CDL team!


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MIND Summer School

Do you think dynamic brain and social networks are awesome?  Us too!  Come learn about how to quantify and study them with us at Dartmouth this summer!  Click here for more info.

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Study the neural basis of attention with us (and our science friends)!

The Contextual Dynamics Lab and 13 of our buddy-labs are banding together to discover the neural basis of attention.  TL;DR: we're going to solve the brain, consciousness, etc., and we want you to join our team as a graduate student!  We're hiring a total of 15 students, and you'll work together and be co-mentored by the 14 faculty leaders of our team.

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