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We (the Contextual Dynamics Lab at Dartmouth College) are looking for a new lab manager!  Are you interested in helping us plumb the depths of human memory systems?  Are you kind of nerdy and enjoy working hard in a fun environment?  Do you like mountains, trees, and wide open spaces?  Maybe you’re thinking about graduate school in a few years?  Well…then what are you waiting for?  Send us an application, because we have the perfect job for you!

Who we’re looking for:

The ideal candidate will have a bachelors degree from a four year college, be super organized, responsible, and able to manage an unruly band of scientists who do all of their paperwork wrong and can’t use a calendar to save their lives.  Bonus points for prior research experience, coding experience (we use Python!), good writing skills, interest in going to grad school some day, knowledge of or interest in our research, having some sort of quirky and/or interesting back story, etc.

For full details (and/or to apply), check out this link: